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I intend to use this blog as a medium of documentation of my personal thoughts on issues around me. I would want to see this medium as a diary in as much as i would want to use it as a way of finding solace when I get confused and at times sadened about the injustices that greed and selfishness create in a world where the obvious becomes so complicated that people have to suffer in diverse ways for the sake of the greedy few.

Emelie - a role model!

ChangePosted by Kojo Ansah-Pewudie 2010-11-11 00:39:22

This girl Emelie has engaged my thoughts and sense of committment in a way very few people outside my family have ever done. What motivates a 22 year old Swedish young ladý from a middle class home who travels to Ghana for a period of voluntary work to decide to devote the rest of her life in helping orphans and disadvantaged children? I know I have a good heart (without boasting) but the level of committment and devotion this young lady demonstrates for needy children thousands of miles away from the comforts of her home and family makes me feel like a hard hearted and cold adult without any kind of courage and guts. Yes courage and guts, a sense of committment, love and compassion is what this young lady possesses in abundance.

My admiration and respect for this her is not simply based on the qualities that I've just mentioned but her steadfastness, patience and will power. I was born and bred in Ghana and though I have lived most of my adult life in Sweden, I do visit Ghana intermittently and I am committed to helping in my own way to bring about change and development in the country. That said, the frustration that I feel when I'm in the country, due to corruption and issues of trust coupled with attitudes towards business makes me question and doubt how goals can be set and reached in the country.

So when a 22 year old scandinavian born white girl, decides to run a charity home and a school in Kasoa and stubbornly does everything to make sure the poor kids she saw in Ghana whilst a volunteer gets a better life, I feel nothing but admiration and respect for her.

What breaks my heart is the fact that the authorities who are responsible for helping these kids are not helping her. On the contrary, these very people rather seem to be making her work diffult. Whilst the social welfare is making things difficult for her she has to beg for a visa extension to enable her take care of poor Ghanaian children.

My intention is to do whatever I possibly can to help Emelie achieve her goals which is being a "mother" to all the 75 kids that she is helping today. Emelie thinks about the kids 24 hrs a day - what a role model! She is my hero!

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