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I intend to use this blog as a medium of documentation of my personal thoughts on issues around me. I would want to see this medium as a diary in as much as i would want to use it as a way of finding solace when I get confused and at times sadened about the injustices that greed and selfishness create in a world where the obvious becomes so complicated that people have to suffer in diverse ways for the sake of the greedy few.

Life and the joy of it!

LifePosted by Kojo Ansah-Pewudie 2010-04-11 17:00:52

I have always felt and said that the essence if life is happiness and that all we do in life is to seek happiness and joy. What gives satisfaction gives often joy and joy often creates happiness. I woke up early this sunday morning and unusually went down to take a shower. I made myself a cup of coffee whilst glancing through the days newspaper, there was nothing interesting that engaged me so I went back to bed, wraped myself around my better half whilst thinking about the previous day. I think yesterday was good, at the Save the Children district annaul general meeting I talked about current developments in Save the Children International as a representative of the national board. And as a member of the electoral commission of the district, I presented the new district executive board. The new board was accepted and voted into power accorodingly, it was a successful day I said to myself.

Dorcas got out of bed and went to the washroom, I picked up the remote control and switched on the tv. The Swedish version of the Dragon Den was on; a favorite programme. I watched with interest the programme and to my surprise, just after the programme ended I felt a sense of satisfaction. I started wondering what this sense of joy and satisfaction came from. Suddenly, I felt I was thinking about the characters in the programme. I was captivated by the sharp sense of the Dragons and the innovative ingenuity of the entrepreneurs. For some reason these people gave me a sense of satisfaction without knowing why. While pondering over this new found joy on a sunday morning, I jumped out of bed and went into my 16 year old daughter's room. She sat on her bed with books around her, she looked at me and smiled and asked me to leave the room - she was busy preparing for her maths exams. I was too elated to let her her kick me out of the room as she normaly does to every member of the family when she does not want to be disturbed without telling her why I came in to her room. I became even more elated when I found her at her books because I realised the reason I bumped into her room was to talk to her about innovative thinking. I started talking to her about having ideas and puting them into practice and the difference between success and failure which I believe is about that little effort needed to put ideas into practice. I kept on ranting whilst she looked at me as if i was some kind of stranger. After saying my mind I left her room still feeling elated.

What a sunday, I'm going to spend the rest of the day calling my brother and sisters and my cousin Kwasi Vi in New York whom I've not talked to for a long time.

The essence of life is those little things that make you happy, I feel a sense of satisfaction today - this is life!